Honours And Awards: 1970 – 2000


1967-1970: Gledden Fellow, UWA,

1971: Science Fellow, University of California,

1985: Australian Academy of Tech Sciences & Eng.

1986: Fairchild Distinguished Fellow, Caltech,

1987: Senior Visiting Fellow to Japan J SPS,

1988: Karl Emil Hilgard Hydraulics Prize, American Society of Civil Engineers,

1991: Institution of Engineers

1992: Member of the Order of Australia, Perth,

1992: Jolly Award, Australian Society for Limnology,

1992: Shimizu Visiting Prof, Stanford University, USA,

1993: The Australian Academy of Science

1994: Karl Emil Hilgard Hydraulics Prize, ASCE,

1995: Onassis International Prize: "Man and his Environment", Athens, Greece (VIDEO),

1995: Peter Hughes Water Award, AWA ,

1995: Peter Nicol Russell Memorial Medal for 1995, The Institution of Engineers, Australia ,

1996; WA Citizen of the Year: "The Professions",

1996: The Stockholm Water Prize (VIDEO),

1997: Clunies Ross NST Award, ATSE, 1999: The Water Academy, Oslo, Norway

1997: Kernot Medal, Melbourne University,

1997: AWARD For Excellence in Postgraduate Research Supervision, UWA Guild ,

1997: Member of the Water Academy

1999: Honorary Doctorate: Democritus University of Thrace, Xanthi, Greece.

1999: Admitted As A Fellow Of The Australian Academy of Science